An Cuisines is our go-to place whenever there is a special occasion that we have to celebrate because it offers excellent service and the best Asian food in town. Expect to receive special treatment as soon as you reach their reception. You do not have to worry about your food choices because the staff will guide you in your selection and honestly, everything tastes great so you can choose anything from the menu and still be satisfied with your order. It is because the dishes are served with a good visual presentation that immediately makes you crave for more and when you finally take a bite, you know that only the freshest and finest ingredients were used to prepare the food. The ambiance is both homey and classy. You can choose to dine at their private function rooms so that you can relish the special moments even more. It offers true value for your money because of the superb taste of the dishes, their excellent customer service, and refined ambiance. – Wayne C. from California 

At An Cuisines, we believe that something as mundane as eating can also be a special experience. It should give you that feeling of being at home while enjoying your mom’s cooking for Sunday lunch, only much better. That is how we feel whenever we dine at this fine restaurant. It is like giving ourselves a much-deserved treat after all the hard work that we have done during the week. We look forward to dining here because we know that we will be treated with excellent food and customer service. Our dining experiences here have always been pleasant and satisfying. The fusion of Asian cuisines and the twists that they have added to the dishes have a way of filling our tummies with so much goodness. – Gordon S. of North Carolina