An Cuisines is brought to you by spouses Ann and Jim goodnight who fell in love with Asian Cuisines

Asia is the largest continent in the world, as such Asian cuisine is rich and diverse. it consists of the cooking traditions and techniques of countries from the east, south, southeast, and western regions of the continent. And each region has dishes that they are known for and are truly to be proud of. The cooking traditions are as varied as the nations they come from. The techniques have been perfected from thousands of years of preparing food for sharing by the family and the community. Now imagine, all these sumptuous dishes from Asia coming together under one roof in a fine dining experience in the heart of North Carolina? Yes, that is what An Cuisines is all about. Located inside the plush Umstead Hotel, guests and patrons can expect to be treated to a feast when they dine at An Cuisines. 

An Cuisines is brought to you by spouses Ann and Jim goodnight who fell in love with Asian Cuisines when they went traveling around the continent during their honeymoon. Because of that, they kept coming back to different Asian countries and went on food tours to get to know the best local dishes that each country has to offer. And they were delighted with what they found out. The dishes were unique, some were even exotic, but they all offered satisfying experience when eating. With the growing Asian population in the United States, they figured they wanted to serve this market base and it was also their way of introducing Asian Cuisines to the rest of  America as well. An Cuisines is unique because it has brought together all the best Asian dishes under one roof. Some restaurants have specialized in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean cuisines. But An Cuisines decided to take it a notch higher by including all these and more in their menu.  With the restaurant kitchen being at the helm of Executive Chef Michael Chuong, you can only expect the best food on your plate. With his Asian background, the authenticity of techniques and flavors in his dishes cannot be mistaken.  

Our diners have consistently given us excellent ratings for our food, service, and ambiance. No wonder it has been given the Certificate of Excellence by the top travel website, Trip Advisor. 

An Cuisines has a whole menu of  

We invite you to go out of your garage doors in Milwaukee and drive over to Cary, North Carolina to experience fine dining of the sumptuous Asian foods that we have lovingly prepared inside our kitchen. These are made from the freshest and finest ingredients that we have sourced halfway across the globe to be able to bring you the best food dishes from Asia.